ACA Level 2 Essentials of River kayaking instructor course.

ACA Level 2 Essentials of River kayaking instructor course in Cincinnati, OH!

So, a kayak instructor class advertised on my snowboarding site…there goes the brand :-)

Hey, as many of you know I’m a Level 4 American Canoe Association certified Kayak Instructor Trainer…that means that I can train and certify kayak instructors.  I’m holding a 3-day, Level 2 class here in Cincinnati on October 19/20th and October 27th.

Kayak class by runneralan2004 Creative Commons

The exact location(s) for the class will be determined based on water and weather, but will most likely be held on a Cincinnati lake and on the Little or Great Miami.

The Level 2 Essentials of River Kayaking instructor course will cover beginner teaching progressions, strokes, river maneuvers, class organization and risk management. ACA certification is recognized as the baseline for paddling instructors, and provides instructors with a number of benefits, including insurance and several pro-deals.

Instructor candidates should be class I or better kayakers, who are interested in learning how to paddle and teach more effectively. Candidates will be evaluated based on their class I boating skills, their ability to teach effectively, and their ability to model paddling skills on flatwater and up to class I whitewater. To receive certification, participants will need to attend both weekends, and will need to successfully complete a number of teaching and performance requirements. Participation in the class does not guarantee certification. Participants who do not receive certification will be given a written list of areas to work on, and will have up to four years to complete the list. Part of the class will focus on polishing and developing the candidate’s skills, and many paddlers find that both their teaching and their paddling skills improve after taking the course.

Course costs are broken down into three areas:

A) ACA costs – ACA costs include ACA membership and SEIC registration and the cost of an ACA Instructors Manual. Each participant will be responsible for these costs. Please consult the ACA website for current information.

B) Course tuition – Tuition cost is $240.00 per candidate.
A minimum of 4 candidates (signed up and tuition paid in full by the sign-up deadline) is needed for the course to be held. The maximum will be held to 5 candidates. Full refunds are available up to the sign-up deadline date – no refunds will be available after that date.

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Fit to snowboard – Circuit training for snowboarders – At home or in the gym

Circuit training for snowboarding fitness – Get fit to snowboard

Good snowboarding relies on the three pillars of fitness – cardio, strength and flexibility.  If you think of an average snowboard run, you are looking at probably five to fifteen minutes of intense movement, often with bent knees, active legs and an engaged core.  If your average workday consists of sitting behind a desk you are probably not used to this! Continue reading

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How long does it take to learn to snowboard? It takes about three days to learn to snowboard

“Snowboarding is harder to learn but easier to master than skiing.  Skiing is easier to learn, but harder to master.”

I first tried snowboarding at my local resort and had a terrible time.  I had a weird lesson and then went out and beat myself up for the rest of the day.  I was about 44 at the time…not an age when you can afford to beat yourself up too much!  Two of my kids were trying snowboarding as well, my seven year old and ten year old.  The phrase from that day that sticks in my head is “Dad, I hate you.  Why do you make us do this stuff?”  Continue reading

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Six turning drills for the next time you go snowboarding

Try one of these snowboarding drills on each of your runs.  Try each drill in turn, concentrate on doing each as well as you can.  It is not practice that makes perfect; it is perfect practice that makes perfect.

Choose Green runs, or easy blue runs with little traffic and wide areas where you can make Continue reading

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Snowboarding: How To Switch From Skis to a Snowboard

From Skis to Snowboarding – My Story

My first time snowboarding I kept falling for no apparent reason and I can clearly remember the surprise I felt as I lay on the ground!  And it didn’t happen just once, it happened time and again that day, every time I started to relax and enjoy myself…KaBang!  And these were horrible, dynamic falls and I’m not some kid who can get hurt, I have a mortgage to pay! 

Old Dog…New Tricks!

I’d skied for years and couldn’t figure out what the problem was.  Then I took a couple of days of formal instruction and Continue reading

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Snowboarding How To: Falling

Snowboarding:  How To brings you the bad news…you are going to fall!

But, Snowboarding:  How To also brings you the good news…it doesn’t have to hurt!

Do you remember doing a forward or backward roll as a kid?  You were fine, it didn’t hurt.

Snowboarding How To
Snowboarding How To Fall photo by serrechevalier

So now, even though you are a little older and you are snowboarding you are going to be fine!  You will be wearing a helmet, wrist guards, gloves, kneepads, a butt protector, a thick coat and pants and you won’t even be going fast.  If you fall and do a forward roll, will it hurt?  Probably not.

The key is that as you feel yourself falling you welcome the fall.  Instead of putting your hands out and trying to stop yourself you Continue reading

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Snowboarding: How To Learn

Snowboarding: How To is here to answer your questions about how to learn snowboarding.

The most important rule about snowboarding is that you must feel safe.  If you don’t feel safe you won’t be able to concentrate well enough to learn.  A combination of professional instruction. the right gear, up to date knowledge and appropriate choice of terrrain will keep you safe.  Having fun is important so that you come back again and continue learning.  Think about how kids learn any new skill, they play and explore.  If you are having fun you will learn more.  So the combination of safety and fun will lead to learning.

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